We have a wide range of more than thousand products, and we can provide more than hundred different colors and tints.

Each galle product is unique as all items are handmade by professional artists, who preserve their knowledge and pass it on from one generation to another and do not reveal any secret of the technique. Usually it takes 4-7 days to make one galle item.

Any drawing (a photo or a famous painting) can be made according to the client's requirement on any item: ashtray or a big chandelier.

All galle products, marked as "Art Galle", will be a wonderful adornment for every interior, underlining the exquisite taste of the owner of these masterpieces.

Our factory is ready to collaborate with all interested people and is ready to offer different partner programs for designers, architects, store owners and other people who decided to refine their interior, filling it with tender soothing light of products in Emile Galle style.

Any question concerning the collaboration you can ask by the phone or send it to our e-mail: info@art-galle.com

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