Table Lamps

Table Lamps

Each Emile Galle item is a true masterpiece. Each item has its own unique drawing, simple but mysterious, eye-catching and mesmerizing with its beauty.

Table Lamps in art nouveau style

You may choose a dainty adornment for Your interior in art nouveau style, using a reproduction item of well-known French artist Emile Galle. Each product is a hand-made 3 or 4-layer glass with a drawing that can be changed according to Your requirement, the metal base of each table lamp is made of bronze.

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Table Lamp with iris bud and leaves drawing


590 EUR

Emile Galle reproduction 
Body mark: Art Galle
Mold blowing: 4-layer glass:
Colourless, orange–yellow, red, brown

Etching, engraving, polishing, the background and the inner surface are chemically matted
Metal: bronze frame, founding, embossing, carving
Height: 0,35 m

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